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printing instructions for personal size inserts (3.7x6.7 in)

printing instructions for personal size inserts from Jessica Marie Design

 Please Note: These instructions will not work for the personal printable planner or the printable monthly calendar
To find the instructions for those files please look at the instructions directory


  • Personal Size PDF Files
  • Adobe Reader - Free Download 
  • Printer
  • 8.5 x 11 inch 24lb , 28lb, or 32lb paper
  • Paper Cutter
  • Hole Punch
  • Filofax or other binder that uses personal size pages (3.7x6.7 in)


  • If you are printing your files at home, it is highly recommended to use a fresh ink cartridge and higher quality paper. White card stock or 24lb - 32b paper is best.
  • Borderless Printing: Check your printer for a borderless printing option. If your printer does not have the option for borderless printing you may have a difficult time aligning the pages. Unfortunately not all printers have this feature and some printers may print the pages off center. The personal size (3.7 x 6.7 in) printable inserts are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, back-to-back, and then trimmed along the trim marks. If you are concerned about your printer we suggest doing a test run before attempting to print all the pages.
  • If you are having your planner printed professionally: Please review the instructions and be familiar with them before you go to the print shop. Before you begin printing the files I recommend showing the files and the instructions to one of the associates and asking if they are able to print the files per the instructions. Some print shops may not be able to print in the format you need. Also asking if a test print can be provided will help you decide if printing the entire file at the print shop will work for you.

 Editing Text Fields 

Editing Text Fields on Personal Size Inserts from Jessica Marie Design

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. Using another program may not display the correct fonts or text alignment.
  • Editable Text Fields: If the file has editable text fields they will appear as blue boxes in Adobe Reader (refer to individual product listing descriptions to see if the file has editable text). You will be able to type in your own text into the boxes. It is recommended to save the file after adding new information to each page. I also recommend closing the file, re-opening it, and making sure your changes have saved before adding text throughout the entire document.
  • Editable Plain Text: Please note that the font in the plain text fields can not be changed. Don't like the plain text font or color? See the instructions for adding your own custom text.

Printing Personal Size Inserts 

  1. Once your edited file is open in Adobe Reader select "File > Print".

  2. Click on the "Page Setup" button and select"Borderless 8.5 x 11 inches". (Check printer manual for this capability). Not all printers are able to print borderless. If your printer does not have borderless printing as an option then it will result in the final pages being smaller than they are supposed to be.

  3. After selecting borderless, the option to select two-sided printing no longer works on my printer (this may also be the case with your printer) so in order to print the pages front to back without doing each one individually, you need to select "Preview" and search for "Paper Handling" in the pull down menu.

  4. In "Paper Handling", under the "Pages to Print" drop down menu, select to print "Odd Only".

  5. Then select "Normal" for page order. 

  6. Once your Odd pages are printed, you will want to feed that stack of pages back into your printer in whichever direction YOUR printer feeds paper back in. Many printers feed paper differently, you will want to be observant of that. In most cases, you will feed the odd pages in the exact way they came out. Then you can print the even pages. (I recommend doing a test print of 4 pages to make sure you have the correct settings, that paper is being fed in correctly, and that the pages are in order).

  7. After selecting "Borderless" again (it restores to default after each print), go back to "Paper Handling" and select "Even Only" now.

  8. Then select "Reverse" Order

  9. You should end up with the pages printed in the proper order.

Trimming the Pages 

Trim Marks on Personal Size Inserts from Jessica Marie Design

  • After printing your pages you will see the trim marks along the edges of the page. Use the trim marks to cut the pages down to the 3.7x6.7 inch size. You will trim the top, bottom, and sides to achieve the proper size.