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bookmark printing instructions

printing instructions for bookmarks from Jessica Marie Design
MaterialsBookmark PDF file
  • Adobe Reader - Free Download 
  • Printer
  • 8.5 x 11 inch card stock 

Editing Text Fields 

Editable Text on Printable Bookmarks from Jessica Marie Design

  • Editable Text Fields: Editable text fields appear as highlighted blue boxes in Adobe Reader. When editing text, it is best to save the file after adding new information to each page. After saving the file, I recommend closing the file, re-opening it, and making sure your changes have saved before adding text throughout the entire document. I recommend this to make sure that the file and Adobe Reader is working properly. 
  • Editable Monogram: Please note the monogram area will accommodate a single initial or 3 initials.
  • 3 initial monogram format:
    • First Name Initial: lowercase
    • Last Name Initial: uppercase
    • Middle Name Initial: lowercase 
  • Single Initial format:
    • Initial: Uppercase
Customizing the font size, style, and color 
All of the editable text on the files can be customized! You can change the font size, style, and color. To do this, click on the blue text box and press the below options to open the “Form Field Text Properties” menu:
  • on a Mac: Command E
  • on a PC: Ctrl E
For the customizations to be applied to the text you will have to highlight the text you want to apply the customization to. If you do not highlight the text your changes will not show up.

Printing the Bookmarks 

  1. Once your edited file is open in Adobe Reader select "File > Print".
  2. Print the bookmarks on white card stock.
  3. Cut the bookmarks out
  4. Fold the bookmarks at the dashed line
  5. Admire your adorable monogram bookmarks and get reading!