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Free May 2017 - July 2017 Printable Planner

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Are you tired of the planners that you find in stores that all have the same kind of layout that just doesn’t quite work for you? 

You have lots of daily responsibilities and struggling to make your current planner work for you should not be one of them. Maybe you find yourself thinking "I wish it had space for my meals” or “I need a better way to schedule all the meetings throughout my day”. What if you could put together your perfect planner? A planner that makes it easier and fun to plan your day.

Our Printable Planners are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our printable planner is available in not two or even three layouts, it is available in six layouts! Yes, I said six! Six different layouts that fit different planning needs.

The 6 weekly layouts available:
  1. The Horizontal Layout (Blank & Lined)
  2. The Horizontal To Do Layout 
  3. The Vertical Layout (Blank & Lined)
  4. The Hourly Layout (Hourly & Hourly, To Do, Meal)
  5. The Morning, Afternoon, Evening Layout (Blank & Lined)
  6. The Subjects Layout (Blank & Lined)

Free Printable Planner Download, sign up for the email list and get access to the printable planners in sizes: Letter/A4 & Half Letter/A5

And now you can download the May 2017 - July 2017 printable planner trial for FREE! 

Benefits of downloading the printable planner trial 
  • Download any or all of the 6 weekly layouts available and test them out in your everyday life to see which layout works best for you.
  • Use the planner trial to plan for the summer months ahead. 
  • Establish written records of your habits in order to accomplish your summer goals. 
  • Instantly download the printable planner files and print at home or print shop, start planning today!
The Details 
  • Available in 4 sizes: Letter / A4 & Half Letter / A5 
  • Available in 2 weekly starts: Monday Start & Sunday Start (both versions included with download)
  • Available in 1 Design: Colorful Stripes 
  • Available in 6 different layouts. Some layouts feature both blank and lined options. 
  • Monthly Calendar pages have editable text fields. Fill in holidays, birthdays, and special events before printing out your planner. 
  • Instant Download PDF files that include:
    • Monthly Cover Pages
    • Pre-Dated Monthly Calendar Pages from May 2017 - July 2017 (month on 2 pages)
    • Pre-Dated Weekly Calendar Pages from May 2017 - July 2017 (week on 2 pages)
    • Lined Notes Page at the end of each month
How To Access the FREE Printable Planners
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  2. Once you have confirmed your subscription you will receive a link to the printable planners and a coupon code to download the printable planner trial for FREE! 
  3. Add the printable planner trials of your choice to your cart.
  4. Enter the coupon code at checkout and download your printable planners! 

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